Diving Paradise Maldives

Coconut palm trees and beautiful manta rays are symbols of the Maldives, including more than a thousand islands. Grouped into low atolls in the Indian Ocean, only a few of theses islands are inhabited. The Maldives have flat white sandy beaches and excellent coral reefs with an abundance of marine life. On this underwater movie we show all the inhabitants of the Maldives marine life including sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, trevally, black snappers, grouper, schooling bannerfish, large moray eels, squirrelfish, soldierfish and colorful leaf fishes. You can also expect breathtaking scenes from the Maldives underwater topography with magnificent rock faces, numerous caves, steep drop offs and precipitous overhangs.
We added two extra movies which feature the highlights of the Maldives, the magnificent manta rays and the many different sharks.