licensing footage from BlueWaterFascination

are copyright by German and international laws. With the purchase of our video recordings you will not own the previous mentioned shots, you only receive a license to use the videos in accordance with the license terms below.

No other hidden costs

BlueWaterFascination is the author of all video recordings offered. BlueWaterFascination has the sole right to exploit the recordings. BlueWaterFascination perceives as author all use and exploitation rights itself. For this reason, there are no additional fees or licensing costs. Acquisition and scope of rights Upon full payment of the one-time license fee you get as a customer of BlueWaterFascination the right to use the video recording. This license is not transferable to third parties. With the simple, non-transferable right to use our footage you don’t receive any exploitation or property rights. You can use the recordings only within the chosen license category.

BlueWaterFascination offers the following license categories:

Licensing footage category for underwater films:

– Non-profit license

The underwater films are used for private viewing

– Profit License

The underwater films will be screened in public places such as waiting rooms health sector, dive shop, travel agency, restaurant

Licensing footage category for stock footage:

– Profit License

For commercial use of the video footage integrated in own projects.

– Broadcast License for TV

All Media, Worldwide, Perpetuity Use Rights (formerly called Limited Use Rights or Broadcast Use Rights). The purchaser may use the materials in all media, including documentaries, entertainment, commercial advertising, publishing, and other media (both broadcast and non-broadcast), worldwide, as they see fit and as often as they like without incurring royalties or additional fees. The purchaser may not resell or redistribute the materials. The rights are non-transferable (however, end-clients such as broadcast companies may use the footage as part of productions produced by the purchaser of the footage). The purchaser (and their end-clients should the purchaser be a production company) shall be the sole user of the material under the purchase and may not share the materials with others without the written approval of Bluewaterfascination. The rights to the materials are non-exclusive. Bluewaterfascination reserves the right to licensing footage to others and/or to use the material in products produced by Bluewaterfascination.

Demarcation nonprofit license / license Profit “Profit” and “non-profit” licenses differ in the commercial use. Commercial use is given when a profit is intended by the presentation of the video material.

For commercial use of the video footage a profit license is always required. If there is no commercial use of the images the non-profit license is sufficient.

Acquired on the basis of the applicable license agreement video recordings can be used for all media such as Internet, TV’s and projection screens. Excluded use for all license groups Any kind of disclosure, copying and sale of the acquired images is excluded. The supplied video material may be included in own productions, depending on the license purchased. The customer may not represent itself as the author in the process. The integration of video recordings, in direct commercial competitors is not permitted.

It is expressly forbidden to use our recordings in connection with demonstrations that violate national or international law, have racist, unconstitutional or violent content.

Use on websites The right to use the video recording for integration into a website is only allowed if the video recordings is excluded by a third party, and the website is owned by the customer.

Authorized Release Certificate for commercial use upon full payment

You will receive a certificate of release as customer. With this release document you can use the acquired video recordings under the license selected category. The release document will be mentioned on the invoice and is valid only with the bill. The certificate of release and the associated license is not transferable to other private or legal persons.